Resolution Check-In

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What’s Keeping You From Achieving Your Goals?

Do you know the biggest thing holding you back from achieving your goals?

Is it your intelligence? Your God-given gifts? 

How organized you are? How much productivity you get out of one day? How you manage your time?

Is it the amount of money you make or the level of education you have achieved?

There are a myriad of things that people claim as the reason for their lack of accountability to themselves and their dreams. My husband isn’t supportive. My wife is afraid of risking our financial security. My father was not in my life. The list goes on and on...

But, reality is that none of those things actually matter to your success in life. In fact, every single one is just an excuse.

No, the number one thing that keeps us from achieving our goals and is something every single one of us faces, regardless of any advantages we may have.

It’s FEAR.

It’s the fear that we aren’t good enough, or the fear that someone might laugh at us, or the fear it will be too hard.

But mostly, it is the fear that we might fail.

That we will fall flat on our face.

It’s terrifying.

Paralyzes us. Controls us.

It holds us back and prevents us from even trying.

We’ve all experienced it.

Whether it be the fear of asking for that promotion at work, the fear of taking the leap and starting your own business, the fear of going back to school or speaking in front of a crowd or daring to travel to a new country. It could be the fear of getting serious about paying off debt, the fear of setting limits with our kids, or the fear of setting boundaries with a friend or family member who is taking advantage of us.

There are a million different ways in which our fear holds us back. A million different ways in which we let fear win.

But we can choose a different way.

Courage doesn’t mean we are never scared. Courage is being afraid and taking action anyway, despite our fear.

In other words?

Sometimes we just need to do it scared. Sometimes we just need to be courageous!