5 Secrets to Convert More Leads and Make More Money from Your Traffic


Is your website set up for lead conversion?

Not all pizzas taste the same. Until you take a bite and try a slice, you cannot know whether one pie is better than any other.

The same principle applies to your business marketing. No one knows how good you are until after the sale. Before the sale, they only know how good your marketing is! You have to market yourself!

It's time to get your "ask" in gear!

One thing we all have to learn as we launch and grow our businesses is to ask for what we want.

It begins by asking visitors to subscribe. Asking blog readers to subscribe, comment, & share. Asking social followers to like & share. Asking people to come in and tour your shop during a holiday sale. Flat out asking for the sale.


1. The Big Ask

If you haven't asked your ideal clients what their frustrations, problems or struggles are - do it. Create a survey, have a dozen conversations, poll your audience on social. Then create some attraction marketing questions for your website that speak to those struggles. Place them right on your home page, so when a website visitor who is also your ideal client lands on your site, they feel like you're speaking their language. Like you've read their mind. 

2. Make an Offer

Create an irresistible offer and place it above the fold, and sprinkle it throughout your page, asking people to join your free program, download your report, etc. Your irresistible offer should solve one of the problems your ideal clients have and create a gap between where they are and where they want to be. Create the need to work with you. 

3. Fill Your Funnel

Set up a client attraction sales funnel. Start with you compelling questions on your home page, leading to your opt-in offer. On the thank you page, invite them to a possible discovery call or an upcoming webinar. Over deliver on value, and then ask for the sale.Make sure that in addition to the thank you page and next step (webinar/discovery) you are following up with an autoresponder nurture email sequence to continue to build the relationship with your audience. (MailChimp is a great starter option for coaches on a budget.)

Let me know if you have any questions!