Here’s What You Need to Know About Facebook and Instagram for Your Business!


Let’s face it, Facebook and Instagram have become the lifeblood of running a small business.

It can be extremely frustrating at times, with all the changes and updates that seem to roll out constantly.

But there’s no denying that 80% of consumers use Facebook at least once a week before stepping into your brick-and-mortar location or visiting your website.*

What’s more?

62% of consumers believe Facebook is the most important social media channel for researching your small business, before making purchase decisions.*

The proof is in the numbers.

As a small business owner, you can’t ignore Facebook and Instagram.

You just need to know how to use them more effectively - especially after the most recent round of updates to both platforms.

I am constantly educating myself on these changes, so that your business page doesn't suffer from reduced reach as a result of non-compliance with a few new rules for business pages.

These changes will impact the number of users who see your posts, but if you are proactive in changing what you post – and how you post it – you can actually increase the number of people who see and interact with you. Which means more eyes on your products or services, and more sales for your business.

Facebook also released three brand new features that will enhance your presence, and make it easier for you to reach users who are interested in purchasing from you!

Let me know how I can help your business grow in 2019!

*2016 G/O Digital Study: Facebook: The Social Commerce Lifeline for Small Businesses