Melissa Tomlin
P.O. Box 350127
Grand Island, FL 32735

Telephone (352) 551 3614
Email Melissa.Tomlin.Designs@gmail.com

I’m trying to make a life I love out of what I love to do. Marketing is a people business, and I am definitely a people person. I love what I do (and House Beautiful Magazine... and Pinterest... and Instagram... Shhh!) I have found work I love, and that gets me excited to wake up in the morning.

I believe that marketing is crucial to small business today—and that it is so much more than running newspaper ads or television commercials. I am a creative individual with a desire to create attractive and eye-catching designs through web graphics and print media. I love planning events and working within a budget to develop a concept and see it through.  I am very organized and believe in professional behavior while interacting with customers and potential clients. Customer service has always been my number one priority.

I am eager to help you take your business to the next level!